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BrotherTill - a Nighttime Wandering

Friend 1:
You’re walking on a road,
But your thoughts are running.
Your head is heavy.
Shadowed thoughts.
But you’re not alone my friend.
I’m right behind you

Friend 2:
Once again I’m down.
Once again I’m weak.
And there’s nothing I can do to keep
From crying your name.

Friend 1:
Nightmare’s only appear, if you have nothing to fear.
When you live in a daydream, the nightly hours can be mean.
Sometimes you wake up a lost man in a dark night,
Or you fall asleep with cold hands, full of fright.
Hey! We’re old friends.
Let’s find you a way to be happy again.

I wish my words can kiss your wound.
I wish my words can fix your tune.
You gotta breakthrough soon.
Don’t hide the pain inside your room.
She’s nothing but dust on your feet,
The sun in your eyes,
Dry lips, a shadowed mind.
Dusty tears, slowly running dry.
These blisters on your soul will heal with time.

Don’t suffocate life in your embrace.
Every day can be perfect in a billion ways.
I see you’re thirsty, reckless, can’t wait any longer.
No, nothing can stop your hunger.
Thunder woke you up, now you’re awake, alone in bed,
Crying her name, taking all the blame.
Clasping your sheets, like it’s her blonde hair
But wake up my friend, it’s just nightmare.

Friend 2:
Well my friend it’s good to see you again.
You don’t understand the pain I was in.
This woman she had me, she had me so low.
And I feel that my heart just can’t take it no more.
And my heart was breaking in pain.
This woman she had me, she drives me insane.
Before she drags me down on the floor,
Think it’s better we leave, it’s better we go.

Friend 1:
Well, let’s go then my friend.
Let’s go into town.
Get drunk and dance
Over and over again.

Friend 2:
I can’t, my feet are like lead
My head is heavy, I’m hanging my head

Friend 1:
Step by step then.
Let’s find you way to be happy again

Friend 2:
Find me a way to be happy again.
Drunk and dance all over again.

Friend 1:
My friend,
Lift your head up, come on.
Let’s find you a way to be happy again
What do you wanna do?
You wanna go into town?
Drink a beer?
Get drunk and dance.
What do you want my friend?
I’m right behind you.

Let’s go out tonight,
Go out tonight, get drunk and dance.
Drunk and dance, and over again.

Well, let’s go then
All right
Into town
My friend
And dance
Again (2x)

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