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BrotherTill - the Storm

The storm is beginning.
You wanna know how I know?
The birds started the last tune of their show.
The concert will end.
It will be quiet after their final tone.
When the melody stops
They’ll leave us.
We’ll be alone.

You have to admit
Life is so different than it is in your dreams.
It becomes scary sometimes:
When mother nature starts to scream,
When the stars start a war,
Raindrops are trying to beat you up,
The moonlight wants to stab you in the night,
When a tree tries to grow up without lies and then dies,
Or you’re alone,
Nobody’s home,
You cry not knowing why,
You kiss someone goodbye.

In the end
You have to know:
In the end
When hope is dried out, unable to grow,
There is no reason for you to let your hope go.
In the end,
What do we know?

Birds are still singing.
Don’t close your thoughts.
Maybe in the end,
We can all
See each other as a friend.
Maybe next year,
Thoughts will be based on faith
Instead of fear.
Maybe then the oceans
Will be filled with sweet water
Instead of tears.

What’s wrong?
Tell us what’s wrong.
Is the message is too strong?
Is the message not clear?
Is it all too cliché talking about “a better way”?

‘Cause you have to know,
When chaos reigns
And the birds stop singing at the end of their show,
They will fly away
And we are here to stay.
We can learn from our mistakes;
That’s the thing that can make a change.

Unleash your brain from you’re personal chains.
In the end
Try to stand up straight.
In the end
The ground starts to shake.
In the end
Be without regret and make your enemy a friend.
In the end
Spend your last breath on a kiss.

Take a little moment before the storm comes.

Do not fly away.

Life can change, if you will.
Lots of Love,

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